Brighter Environment prides itself on having a high standard of service to customers. We use a live cloud basedĀ health and safety management system and mobile site auditing. We maintain close relationships with our clients and are responsive to their expectations. We consistently invest in our staff, both in terms of training and support.

Responsive Service BE is responsive to customers comments and will regularly survey customers and use these to improve service standards. BE plan to provide an out of hours contact number to deal with emergencies and specific services.
Reliable and Consistent Service BE has internal performance auditing in place to check on reliability and their services are consistently at the high level our customers expect. They regularly report on their performance to customers and will respond to complaints quickly and effectively.
Financial Stability BE has a cash building strategy, and has a clear focus on sustainability, to counter any unforeseen circumstances and to ensure their customers have consistent service.
Competition and Value BE pricing isĀ  regularly reviewed against industry bench marks.
Reputation and Status BE understand that reputation is important to our customers, and BE seek to build on its excellent reputation as a forward thinking social enterprise championing employment and its strategic partnerships.
Expertise BE build on and retain links with industry leaders and run a BICSc centre for training excellence. BE will continue to offer the best industry qualifications and invest in staff development.